Death of Mrs. Evans - Crewe local newspaper cutting pasted into Thomas Henry Morgan and Hannah Dean\'s family bible. Newspaper name and exact date unknown. Date: 1926

Mr. F. Evans and Mrs. Oldham and family wish to thank all who sent floral tributes, and for the many kind expressions of sympathy in their sad bereavement. 32 Brooklyn-street, Crewe.



The death occurred at 57, Primrose Avenue, of Mrs. Evans, aged 40. Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Charles Oldham, engine inspector, of 32, Brooklyn-street. The funeral took place on Wednesday at Crewe Cemetery. The first portion of the service was held in St. John\'s Church. The Rev. L. C. Davies (vicar) officiated. The mourners were Mr. Fred Evans (husband), Mrs. Oldham (mother), Miss Effie Oldham (sister), Mr. W. A. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. E. Lomas, Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster, Mr. Sherratt, Mr. B. Hodson and Mr. Phillipson. The bearers were Messrs. T. Winskell, W. Broome, R. T. Dodd, S. Ryder, W. Young and P. Cowap. Wreaths were sent by: Fred Evans (husband); \"Mother and Effie\"; \"Auntie Nellie\"; \"Freda and Winnie Ceddy\" (Preston); \"Uncle Edgar and Auntie Winnie and Grandad\"; \"Uncle Ted and Aunt Jennie\"; \"Elsie, Will and Children\"; \"Baby Betty\"; \"Sybil and Frank;\" \"All at Conway and Colwyn Bay\"; Mr. and Mrs. Sherratt and Baby; Mr. and Mrs. S. Ryder; Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster; Mr. and Mrs. A. Beech; Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. J. Cooke; Mrs. C. R. Wooldridge and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cornes; Mr. C. B. Hodson; Miss Ada Smith; Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Dodd and family; Mrs. Evans, Alice and Anne; Mr. and Mrs. Philipson (Preston); \"Walley and Steve\" (Cousins, Coventry); Mr. and Mrs. Watson; Mr. and Mrs. Gibson; Mr. W. Broome; Mr. T. Winskill; Crewe North Sheds, and Crewe South Sheds. Messrs. C. R. Wooldridge and Sons were the undertakers.

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