Mr. L. Morgan - Candidate for Ministry - Local newspaper cutting pasted into Thomas Henry Morgan and Hannah Dean\'s family bible. Newspaper name and date unknown. Date: Unknown


Candidate for Ministry From Baptist Church

A very impressive service was conducted by the Rev.W. H. Wills at Gorton Baptist Church, on Sunday, in connection with the successful application of Mr. Leslie Morgan, of 39, Balmoral Drive, to enter the Manchester Baptist College in training for the Baptist Ministry. At the communion service Mr. Wills said that they were all delighted to know that their young friend\'s application for entrance to college had been successful and that it was felt fitting that at this, the last Communion service he would be able to attend, that, as a church, they should set him aside in dedication to his life\'s work. Suitable passages of scripture were read by the minister, and then Mr. Wills extended to Mr. Morgan some very good advice in connection with his studies, pleading with him ever to keep in the forefront of his thinkings that he was called of God in Jesus Christ to go forth to seek to win men and women for Him. In a very tense moment Mr. Morgan stood before the Baptistry while the minister offered the dedicatory prayer, after which Mr. John Mills, J.P., of London commended Mr. Morgan in prayer to God, which was followed by heartfelt utterances by Mr.Watkin Edwards, senior deacon.


Mr. Morgan was born in Pendleton in February, 1910,and is the elder son of Mr. T. H. Morgan, stationmaster at Denton. His early training was received at Cheadle Hulme Schools, where he gained the school certificate and the Matriculation Exemption and Higher School Certificate of the Joint Matriculation Board. It was his ambition to become a day-school teacher and with that in mind,has spent the past two years in the Cheshire County Training College, Crewe, where he has had a very successful training, so that he enters the Baptist College with a mind already trained for the life of a student.

Mr. Morgan was converted at Gorleston in 1925 and began quite early to show preaching ability for he has been a member of the Manchester Lay Preachers\' Association for the last four years. In 1928 Mr. Morgan came under the influence of the present minister of Gorton Baptist Church, and in his own words, he owes more than any words of his can express to the fine preaching he has heard there, and to the kindly help of Mr. Wills, who has ever been willing to help him in all his preaching engagements. To Mr. Morgan, the minister of Gorton Baptist Church has been an untold friend, and it was a fitting moment that he should conduct the dedication service as he sets out upon his new life.

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