Bankruptcy Hearing - Johnathan Oxley - Article concerning the hearing at Bradford County Court, on the Bankruptcy of Jonathan Oxley. Bradford Observer 2 Feb 1899 Page 7 Column 3.

Bradford County Court

Examination in Bankruptcy

Jonathan Oxley of 1310 Leeds Road, Bradford, Cabinetmaker - Examined by Mr. Stamford, the debtor said that he commenced business at New Lane Laisterdyke eleven years ago, with £20 borrowed from his wife. He only employed about 2 men, and made a living during the time he was in business. His failure was due to the result of an action brought by him against the Midland railway company. Eighteen months ago he was ejected from the Midland Railway refreshment room in Bradford and in the course of that ejection his leg was broken.

People:  Jonathan Oxley

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