George Langdon - Police Court 1851 - Police Court reports from The Times for 1851 mentioning George Langdon, policeman in the Metropolitan Police.

Mon 13th Oct 1851 - CLERKENWELL

Two fellows, named Pugh and Barnett, were charged with stealing six sheep, the property of Mr.Lowe, salesman of Hammer\'s-lane, Hornsey.

Some hundred heads of cattle have recently been stolen in the suburbs of the metropolis, and the apprehension of the prisoners occassioned much interest, and the court was crowded.

It appeared from the evidence that at midnight the prisoner Barnett was seen with a horse and cart by police horse-patrol 183 N, at the gate of a field in the Green-lanes, Stoke Newington. The constable inquired what he was after, when he replied, \"Just be after looking at this for a few minutes. I have dropped something in the road,\" at the same time jumping out of his vehicle and running off. The officer was thus thrown from his guard in a belief that the representation of the prisoner having lost something from his cart was correct, and he was only led to believe differently through the non-return of the accused; and a consultation being had with Langdon, the active detective officer, 27 N, a search was made, when the cause soon became evident of Barnett\'s excuse and disapperance, one sheep being found \"cast\" in the cart, and another tied to a stake in the field.

The name of Mr.Isaac, Castle-court, Westminster, being on the cart, he, of course, was visited, and now proved that he let the horse and vehicle to Pugh in the presence of Barnett at the rate of 3l a-week; and Mr.Bright Heighton, residing in Coach and Horses-yard York-street, Westminster, deposed that the prisoners hired stabling of him on the 14th of September last, Pugh representing that he was a \"jobber,\" dealing occasionally in cattle, &c., and on the following day he saw the carcase of a sheep which had just been slaughtered in the stable, and the prisoner pressing him to purchase a joint of it, he had a shoulder at 4 1/2d. per lb. On that occasion Pugh said he had accidently driven over the sheep, and the drover had made him pay for it. Subsequently to that, namely on the 21st of September, witness saw two other carcasses of sheep in the same place, and on the 26th of that month he saw two sheep and a lamb. which had been recently killed.

After considerable exertions on the part of the above excellant officers the prisoners were captured on Friday.

Mr.Lowe proved the loss of the sheep early in the mornings of the particular days mentioned from his field in the Green-lanes, and he identified the one found in the cart.

The prisoners made a general denial of the charge.

They were remanded.

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