Fire at 153 Sandringham Rd - Extract from The Times (of London). Details fire at premises of Henry David Greenshields. Fires - Date: Monday July 22nd 1872

Fires.-Seven fires happened in London during the 24 hours terminating at 6 o\'clock on Saturday morning. About half-past 3 o\'clock on Saturday morning a fire nearly attended with a serious loss of life occurred on the premises of Mr. Greenshields, a chymist and druggist, of 153, Sandringham-road, Dalston. Owing to the inflammable nature of the tinctures, essential oils, &c., in the place, the flames spread with amazing swiftness, and at first it was feared that the inmates would have been burnt alive. Eventually however, they were awakened by the police, and effected their escape. The engines and Salvage Corps attending, the flames were soon conquered, but the lower portion of the building was burnt out and the valuable stock in trade consumed. Insured in the North British and Mercantile Fire Office.

People:  Henry David Albert Greenshields

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