In Memoriam of Cecil John Martin - Obituary and In Memoriam notices from the local newspaper, Halstead, Essex for Cecil John (Jack) Martin. Dates uncertain.

MARTIN Cecil John

(15 Jun 1981) Birthday memories of a beloved husband who died 27 Sep 1980. Where eyre I go, what eyre I do, You are always with me, Always to remembered with love.


(Sep 1981) Cherished memories of John, loving husband and father who left us one year ago always in our hearts. Left with only anguish and memories his devoted wife Ivy and family.


Remembered with pleasure days of long ago
when we were together life had such a glow,
Though you now have left us we will never forget
and hope with the grandchildren to build more memories yet.


Remembering your birthday. June 15.
A husband whose worth can never be told,
Alone and unseen, he stands by my side,
And whispers don\'t grieve dear,
Death cannot divide.
From devoted wife Ivy and family

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