Marriage at Eccles - Eccles local newspaper cutting pasted into Thomas Henry Morgan and Hannah Dean\'s family bible. Newspaper name and exact date unknown. Date: June 1899


On Wednesday afternoon, shortly after two o\'clock, a very pretty and interesting marriage took place at the Baptist Church, Wellington-rd., Eccles. The bride was Miss Hannah (Cissie) Dean, eldest daughter of Mr. John Dean, 42, Boardman-st., Eccles, and the bridegroom, Mr. Thomas Henry Morgan, of Eccles, and second son of Mr. William Morgan, Railway Villa, Whitchurch, Salop. Long before the time fixed for the ceremony, the congregation had begun to assemble but the time of waiting was occupied in listening to the strains of the organ at which Mr. E. Skemp, of Worsley, presided. Before the ceremony he played: Gavotte and Rondo, (Bach); Fanfare (Hemmens); and Coronation March (Meyerbeer). The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Charlie Leonard, of Broughton as best man. The bride, accompanied by her father, who gave her away, and attended by three bridesmaids, Miss Phoebe Eva Dean (her sister), Miss Lily Morgan and Miss Winnie Morgan (sisters of the bridegroom), entered the sacred edifice very punctually and the service was at once proceeded with, the officiating minister being the Rev. J. H. Morley. The bride wore a very pretty dress of cream alpaca with cream satin saddle, and cream chiffon, and trimmed with cream baby ribbon, moire streamers and silver passementerie. She also wore a watered silk sash and a cream leghorn hat trimmed with white chiffon, white plumes and orange blossom. She carried a shower bochet of flowers, and her, ornaments included a gold bangle, the give (sic) of the bridegroom. Miss Eva Dean was attired in a splendid dress of heliotrope, trimmed with silk to match, drawn heliotope ribbon and cream lace. The bodice was very pretty, with tucked saddle. The Misses Morgan were beautifully dressed in heliotrope, trimmed with black lace and ruched ribbon. They had also heliotrope silk front, black silk sash and brilliants. The last-named bridesmaids wore large black picture hats trimmed with black tips, heliotrope chiffon and flowers, while Miss Dean\'s was a large black picture hat trimmed with black plumes, chiffon and heliotrope flowers. Each carried bouquets and wore gold brooches, the gift of the bridegroom. After the ceremony the bridal party left the church to the strains of Mendelssohn\'s Wedding March. Breakfast was laid in the adjoining school, and here Mr. and Mrs. Dean entertained the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dean, Mr. W. Oxley Dean, Mr. Chas. A. Dean, Mr. Leo S. Dean, Mr. Alf Dean, Mr. Harold Dean, Mr. Albert Dean, Mr. J. O. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan (father and mother of the bridegroom), Mr. John N. Morgan and Mr. Arthur R. Morgan (brothers of the bridegroom), Mr. John Wm. Wilkinson and Miss Harriet Wilkinson (Bradford, Yorks.), Mr. George Hy. Oxley and Miss Annie M. Oxley (Stretford), Miss Hetty Entwhistle (Seedley), Miss Annie A. Clifford (Weaste), Miss Annie Scott (Worsley), Miss Emily Gee, Miss Annie Gee, Miss Gerty Dockerill (Wisbeach), Miss Hilda Smith, Miss P. Cockeram, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh, the Misses Ethel and Polly Mills (Droylesden), Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Buckley, Miss Annie Scholes, Miss Ethel Heaps (Pendleton), Mr. and Mrs. Boothroyd, Miss Maud Boothroyd, Miss Sallie Boothroyd, Miss Florrie Bradburn, Miss Janet Boardman (Weaste). Master Archie and Miss Dorothy Dean (Stretford), Mr. and Mrs. James (Whitchurch), Mr. Willie James (Whitchurch), Mrs. Matthew (Whitchurch), Mr. E. Williams (Salford), Mr. Charlie Kay (Harpurhey), Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, Mr. R. Crompton, Mr. E. Moss, Mr. Hudswell, Mr. and Mrs. Imrie, Mr. and Mrs. Nutall, Mr. and Mrs. Kilgour, Mr. E. Skemp, (Worsley), Rev. J. H. Morley, Mr. J. Ackerley, Mr. W. Price, Mr. J. Hyde (Monton). Miss Hemersley (Nottingham), Miss Lizzie Jones (Whitchurch), and Mr. W. Thompson (Whitchurch). The bride and bridegroom left Eccles by the 4.29 train en route for London and the Isle of Wight, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride\'s travelling dress, the gift of her brother, Mr. Arthur Dean, was a blue costume, braided. She also wore a blue straw hat, trimmed with blue chiffon and cornflower. The following is a list of the presents:-

Rev. J. Jacobs (Whitchurch), silver tobacco pot; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh, pair of vases; Miss Scott, pair of vases; Mr. and Mrs. R. Blakeley, vase; Mr. and Mrs. Lees, fruit dish; Mr. and Mrs. Gee, fruit plates; Messrs. Crompton and Moss, silver cruet; Mr. and Mrs. Imrie, silver tea pot; Miss Janet Boardman, cheese dish; Misses Gee, pair of pickle jars; Miss Clifford, silver butter cooler; Miss Mabel Clifford, ornaments; Mr. Frank Clifford, afternoon tea service; Mr. Hindle, silver cruet; Mrs. Boothroyd, set of jugs; Mr. Harold Dean, tea pot, butter cooler, cream jug and sugar basin; Mr. and Mrs. Dean, time piece and household linen; Miss Hilda Smith, copper kettle; Mr. Wilkinson, silver pickle jar; Miss Eva Dean, fire screen; Charles Nichols, picture; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dean, flower stand; Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, skin rug; Mr. Rupert Morgan, picture; Mr. Alfred Dean, two oil paintings; a Friend, fire brasses; Mr. Boothroyd, Mrs. Beatons book of household management; Mr. W. Thompson, set of carvers; a Friend, towels; Miss A. Scholes, table cover; Miss Ethel Heaps, set of hall brushes; Mrs. Walker, toilet mats; Mrs. Price, towels; Mr. W. Price, table cloth; Mr. J. Ackerley, table cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Little (The Heights), tumblers; Mrs. Bowes, table cover; Miss Lily Morgan, table mats and tray cloths; Mr. and Mrs. Dutton (The Heights), sugar basin and cream jug; Miss Dockerill, trinket set; Misses Ethel and Polly Mills, tea urn; Mr. E. Williams, toilet set; Miss Sallie Boothroyd, tea cosy; Miss Florrie Bradburn, watch pockets and curtain loops; Mrs. Heaps (St. Leonards), crumb tray and brush; Mrs. Nichols, cheese dish; Miss Maud Boothroyd, corner bracket!; Mrs. Matthews, white couterpane; Miss Entwistle and Mr. J. Hyde, white counterpane; Mr. J. N. Morgan, coloured counterpane; Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, blankets; Miss Lizzie Jones, towels and tea cloths; Mr. Leonard, gentleman\'s wicker arm chair; Mr. Leo S. Dean, two steel engravings; Mrs. Eckersley, clock; Miss E. Eckersley, pillow cases; Mr. Eckersley, coal; Mr. James, handsome Bible; Mr. J. Wilkinson and Miss Wilkinson, hand painted fire screen; Miss Oxley and Mr. G. H. Oxley, an occassional table; Miss H. Wilkinson and Mr. J. Wilkinson, mother of pearl (Japanese) fire screen; Mr. W. Holland, tree pot (vase); Mr. and Mrs. James, a family Bible; Mr. Eckersley, alarm clock; Misses Eckersley, frilled pillow cases. The deacons of the church in their pricate capacity, also presented the bride and bridegroom with a handsome bible as token of their respect and esteem.

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