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Friday 27th November 2009 - It\'s been a while since I updated the news. I\'ve recently been looking at the 1911 census and making a lot of discoveries as a result. It may be a while before I put the details of the 1911 entries on the site, but I\'ve already started to add new individuals, marriages and notes so look out for those!


This site represents the work by one family to trace and accurately record information on their ancestors. The effort to gather this information does not focus solely on one surname but on all branches of the family past and present.

We welcome contact with those looking for information or those able to contribute something to the database. It is hoped that the site will continue to grow and become a valuable resource.

Main surnames currently include Beardsall, Beaton, Calnan, Dean, Garford, Greenshields, Langdon, Martin, Mason, Morgan, Oxley, Standen. For a complete A-Z listing of all individuals in the database see the Name List.

Stuart Morgan


Please show respect for the thousands of hours of original research which has gone into this site. Do not copy large amounts of information from this tree into your own without citing the source, especially if you aren\'t going to contact me first to share what you know.

Many thanks to ...

This list could go on for many pages so please forgive me for no longer updating it!

Jim Sidwell, Dee Morgan, Ian Boreham, Vivienne and Brian Garford, Bruce Beauchamps, Ron Cox, John Oxley Dean and Andy Glenister for sharing their research and knowledge of relatives and ancestors.

Wendy Greenshields for providing much information on the Greenshields family

Shirley Tebay for her fantastic help with the Masons of Sedburgh,West Riding of Yorkshire

Phil Woods, Mick Gurling, Jane Griggs, Dennis Jackson, Noreen Coombes, Michael Day and Richard for their help with 1881 census lookups.

Roy Stockdill for his help with 1891 census (Yorkshire) lookups.

Jeremy Engert and The Railway Ancestors Family History Society for information relating to railway staff records

Virginia Lightner, Rebecca Bowden and the other members of the PaCambri mailing list for their help with my US relatives.

Lynne Waters for her research into Edmund Manchip and the Manchip family.

And lastly to everyone else that has helped me, your time was greatly appreciated.


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